You’ve found the digital home of Elliot Blake, writer/producer of the animated web series Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Confessions, A Day in the Extra Life, the Emmy Award-winning Re\Visioned: Tomb Raider, and Re\Visioned: Activision 2600, which Kotaku.com calls “brilliant.”  A visual sampler of my work is below.

Select episodes of Re\Visioned: Tomb Raider (featuring Minnie Driver as the voice of Lara Croft), lost episodes of Space Ghost Coast to Coast featuring Dee Snider and Barenaked Ladies, Re\Visioned: Activision, and more, are available by clicking on the links above.  For information on my current projects, including the original crime graphic novel The Package - currently on Kickstarter - and the comic book story Mekano Turbo, featured in the Harvey Award-nominated Popgun Vol. 4 from Image Comics, please click here.

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