Current Projects: The Gary Show

The Gary Show is a 2D, flash-animated comedy that employs the tropes of children’s television programs like Bob the Builder to explore grown-up ideas.  Set in Hollywood – a simplified, children’s programming version of Hollywood –  Gary, along with office manager Tina and his anthropomorphized van and tools, runs a business setting up high-end entertainment systems for wealthy clientele – including all sorts of celebrities. The Gary Show will make use of celebrity impersonations and animated caricatures, allowing literally anyone in the public eye to “appear” on the show.

The Gary Show goes places Bob the Builder, by necessity, avoids – themes like the unrequited, certainly unconsummated love between Bob and his coworker Wendy are hinted at but never, due to the age of the audience, explored.  On The Gary Show, that notion would be fully explored, in all its ugly glory, as Gary pines for Tina, who has an active sex life that doesn’t involve him in any way.  And, as on children’s shows, a lesson is always learned, but for Gary, it’s never the right one.

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Created by Elliot Blake

Concept Designs by Michelle Fabie