Current Projects: Comic Shop

“Comic Shop” takes place at The Splash Page, a comic book store owned by bickering best friends Ivan and Mike.  Every Wednesday - a.k.a. “New Comics Day” - they upload “The Splash Page,” a video podcast they produce on the set at the back of their store, where they interview real-life comics creators and rap about the latest industry news and gossip. A hybrid of scripted comedy and talk show, “Comic Shop” brings real comics creators straight to the viewers, in original, topical, exclusive video content that isn’t dependent on a convention appearance, and provides the pros with a new and unique way to promote their latest work.

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Created by Elliot Blake

Character Designs by Six Point Harness, Inc.

A weekly, five-minute animated web series, “Comic Shop” brings the fun of a trip to the shop on New Comics Day home to your desktop...only with jokes and interviews with animated versions of real-life comics professionals.  It’s “High Fidelity” meets “Space Ghost Coast to Coast” for the dedicated comic book fan.